New Global and Cultural Competency Framework

The US Department of Education has just released a new framework for developing global and cultural competencies over time from early childhood through post-secondary education to careers.

Just before the end of President Obama’s term in office, the DOE released its “Framework for Developing Global and Cultural Competencies to Advance Equity, Excellence and Economic Competitiveness.”

Download the one-page document here: Framework-for-Cultural-and-Global-Competency-Jan-2017

This new framework is a refinement of previous work and research, involving a working group of representatives from across the department with input from the wider education community. It calls for a solid foundation of discipline-specific knowledge, and explicitly incorporates the important goal of developing proficiency in at least one language in addition to English.

This will be a useful tool for educators both in designing curricula and developing strategies to prepare 21st century students for life and work in our globalized world.

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