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Are you a DC teacher or school administrator who shares our view that all students need to learn about the world? Then we’re looking for you to join our Global Educator Network.


DC schools (both DCPS and charter) boast an extraordinary concentration of globally experienced and knowledgeable teachers – from a variety of backgrounds. We’re in DC, after all. But teachers are often isolated in their individual classrooms, unaware of colleagues across the city who share similar interests and a common commitment to global teaching.

In large part, our precursor organization, DC Center for Global Education and Leadership (CGEL), was created in response to the demand from many DCPS teachers for more information and more sustained support for their efforts, not only to bring global learning into their classrooms and schools, but also to enhance their own professional development as global educators. At the same time, teachers and school administrators are our gateway to students – the ultimate focus of everything we do. Clearly, any efforts to promote global learning in the District of Columbia must involve educators.

Please join with us

Over the years we’ve worked with incredible local educators – by any standard, leaders in global teaching and learning. But teachers do come and go. So for the next three months, from February through April, we’re reaching out to update our Global Educator Network. We’re looking for educators in all subjects and grade levels, in all parts of the city, who not only are teaching globally but also are ready to think beyond their own classrooms and schools to get involved in developing some citywide strategies. Our Global Educator Network will help us:

  • Disseminate global education opportunities for students and educators.
  • Identify points of contact within schools across the city.
  • Recognize and share great work already going on.
  • Create a platform for teacher sharing.
  • Engage interested educators in creative conversation to develop specific strategies to make our city one that prepares all students for informed and responsible global citizenship.
  • Identify global educators who may wish to participate in future Globalize DC student and professional programs.

Three steps you can take today:

  • Sign up for Globalize DC’s Global Educators Network. To sign up, please fill out our Global Educator Signup Form online. You will receive Global Alerts and e-newsletters directly to your inbox.
  • Help spread the word about Globalize DC, and encourage your colleagues to also sign up for our Global Educator Network.
  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to Globalize DC. We do not collect membership dues. We depend on the financial support of those who believe in the importance of our mission and who see benefit in our work.

Any questions or ideas? Just email Sally Schwartz at sally@globalizedc.org.