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What We Do

Our Vision

Increasingly our local hometown DC is embracing its identity as a global city. We need to incorporate the city’s young people in that vision. We believe that DC, taking full advantage of the city’s unique resources, can and should become a national model for equipping its young people with the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and experiences that will prepare them to successfully compete and participate in our increasingly globalized and interconnected world.

Our Mission

Globalize DC is dedicated to providing the impetus, thought leadership, determined focus, expertise, and institutional capacity to move DC’s K-12 global education efforts to the next level. Our mission is to mobilize the city’s wealth of global resources to increase access for DC public school students to high quality global education and world language learning opportunities. At all times we promote a strategic, systemic, and equitable approach, working collaboratively with partners and the public education system. We are particularly concerned with creating solutions that will reduce barriers to access for underserved students and schools, and that will support sustainable pathways to college and careers in global fields.

Our Strategies

We use five interconnected strategies to advance this mission:

  1. Making the case for DC K-12 global education and language learning to decisionmakers at all levels (educators, students, parents, policymakers, partners, community members).
  1. Serving as an information clearinghouse for free and almost free global education and language opportunities, resources, and best practices for DC’s K-12 students, educators, and schools.
  1. Working with globally focused partners (international organizations, government agencies, embassies, universities, businesses, cultural institutions, and NGOs) to expand opportunities for students and educators, to help develop strategic approaches, and to provide a platform for communication, collaboration, and advocacy.
  1. Promoting and supporting systemic reforms that advance quality, equity, and sustainability of global education and language learning within DC schools and other youth-serving agencies and organizations.
  1. Creating high quality programs for students and educators, in collaboration with partner organizations, where identified gaps exist.