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Global Education

We regard global education as teaching that equips students with the global knowledge, skills, mindset, and experiences that will prepare them to become responsible and productive members of a global society.  Global education is not a subject, but rather a perspective or prism through which teachers teach and students learn.  As such, it is multidisciplinary and incorporates international studies, intercultural or multicultural education, and world languages, as well as technology, leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, character education, conflict resolution, and peace education.

Global awareness and understanding can no longer be viewed as a luxury or supplement to the core curriculum, or as a set of isolated, extracurricular experiences for a select group of privileged or academically advanced students. Instead, global education must be embedded in all grades and all subjects for all students. It must be relevant to their lives, and designed to help them understand their place in the wider world, their connection to it, and their power to contribute to making their world a better place.

We have depended largely on the groundbreaking work of the Asia Society and its collaborative partners over the years to illuminate our understanding of how relevant and rigorous global learning can be incorporated into any general PK-12 educational program serving any student population. We highly recommend their work.

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